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The Rectoral de Areas (Areas´s Rectory) is a project that started at the end of the 90´s , and the idea of the owners was to put to good use an historical building, with great architectural value, and situated in a beautiful environment. The people who had that idea, are now those who run the project, and we are all local residents, and know a lot about the area of the Baixo Miño, the Rias Baixas and the north of Portugal.

We wanted to put the experience that we obtained running our holiday apartments in La Guardia , that we have had since 2014, as well as experience gained from our own journeys, to good use in the Rectoral. For us, to stay in a house is synonymous with comfort, freedom, intimacy and quality, and this is how we want our rooms to feel.

The location of the Casa Rectoral is very interesting, as it offers the possibility to enjoy a rural setting, and a contact with nature, but without sacrificing good quick access to the main road to town centres, the mountains, or the beach.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay, and that you will feel good amongst us.

Rectoral de Areas